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 Mathata Group (MG) is a South African black-owned company founded in 2003.


The founder, Cedric Mathata having observed the difficulty with which people acquired merchandise in the rural areas jumped at the opportunity to assist in bringing this service closer to the people. His passion developed into a fully-fledged business model when he established a warehouse in the remote location of Bushbuckridge where large amounts of stock could be stored for easy access. Further, he put in place a fleet in order to get the goods to his clients faster and efficiently.

Through sound strategic planning, well-managed implementation and monitoring system,the company has continued to soar and now enjoys a provincial presence. Mathata’s strident business sense and a committed staff have ensured the company’s economic viability and sustainability. The company is currently expanding to other provinces.

Personal Commitment

Principles Of Our Work

Our vision

To be a leading brand in the Logistical Services, transport, and Service Industry in Africa

Our mission

To establish valuable relationships and become trusted partners for clients and consumers of our goods and services

To contribute positively towards our national transformation on food security by making access easier to people in remote places.

To impart skills, knowledge and competencies necessary for our workforce to render world class service

Being in the logistics field, Mathata has carved a niche in the general outsourcing industry to provide clients unique requirements. While the company tries to retain its mainstream logistical services, it is adept to adapt its services towards the emerging market and client needs. Subsequently, the company has a section for general outsourcing that deals in bulk;

  • Laundry chemicals and cleaning detergents
  • School stationery and books distribution
  • Hospital linen
  • School furniture and fittings
  • School uniforms and linen