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Nutrition Programme

Mathata Group provides one nutritious food to all learners in Primary and Secondary Schools. Mathata Group aims to enhance the learning capacity of learners through the provision of a healthy meal at schools where it is implemented. The programme has shown to improve punctuality, regular school attendance, concentration and the general wellbeing of participating learners.

Good eating habits

Whilst learners are being provided with nutritious meals, they are also taught to establish and maintain good eating and lifestyle habits for life.

Meeting our children basic needs

Our children deserve to have their basic needs met in order to live vibrant Mathata Group Nutrition Program aims to do just that.

Feed a child

Nearly 1 in 5 South African children live in a household that does not have sufficient access to food. Often times the meals provided at school are the only nutritious meals these children receive daily.

Fresh Local Produce(Vegetables)

Schools are also supplied with fresh produce (vegetables/fruit) and milk.Learners receive food on all school days.

Healthy Meals

Mathata Nutrition Program provides healthy, nutritious meals to schools, we have continued to make great strides in delivering nutritious food to schools around.

Healthy eating habits

The aim of nutrition programme is to promote healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle in schools. We are committed to providing effective and efficient service in schools